Management Team


Alan Afrasiab

Alan is the CEO and President of the Talia Group. The Talia Group has grown from a satellite network operator to become a total solutions provider running a global satellite network as well as a significant terrestrial network with offices across the world. His keen understanding of the communications sector has led to the extensive growth of the group.

Chief Financial Officer

Ruud Van Koesveld

After an early career in Auditing at Ernst & Young, Ruud became Finance Director at Baird Europe, a US manufacturing company's European subsidiary. In 1999, Ruud joined SES, a global satellite operator, where he was part of a successful team that grew the business. He moved up through the organisation, leaving as Vice President of Finance after over 20 successful years at the company.


Falak Yussouf

Falak has over 30 years’ experience in the financial sector. He started his career in accountancy and after qualifying founded his own firm where he is still the managing partner. This enabled him to gain multi-industry experience and extensive corporate and managerial knowledge. Prior to joining Commercis, Falak was CFO of a hospitality group with assets in excess of $9bn.

Our headquarters
Commercis is headquartered in 
London with offices worldwide.
+44 (0)20 3318 1500